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10th Annual South Shore In-Water Boat Show, April 27-29, 2018

Posted by Leisa Legge on Tue, Mar 27, 2018 @ 07:03 AM

In water boat show 2018 (2).jpg

Join Smith Yacht Sales at the 10th Annual South Shore In-Water Boat Show here at the Hingham Shipyard Marinas now beginning on Friday afternoon- April 27, and continuing all week of April 28th and 29th! The South Shore In Water Boat Show 2018 at the Hingham Shipyard is sure to be a fun event for adults and children as well! Life Jackets are provided for the children so they can safely walk the docks and tour the boats with you!- Let them "Touch a Boat!" Lot's of great food, bouncy houses for the kids and lot's of great company! Don't miss this opportunity to spend the day on the water in Hingham, MA! Entrance and parking are FREE!

Albury Lancaster 23 Running Shot High Res-1.jpg

From entry level boats to large yachts, you will find a wide selection of pre-owned boats to tour. Looking for a new center console? We are introducing our new line of center consoles by Albury Brothers Boats The 23' will be on hand and ready to sea trial! Come see how Albury Boats are built with a difference! Give us a call at 781-749-9989 or email to reserve your slot for a sea trial!



Looking33 Southport FE High Res.jpeg for a high performance sportfishing boat? Look no further! Smith Yacht Sales is proud to be a top dealer for Southport Boats! Southport Boats  offer two great models! The Family Edition (FE) if you are looking to have all the fishing amenities you need as well as comfort for the whole family and the Tournament Edition for the hard core angle! Both models available in lengths 27', 29, & 33' .  Call today to reserve your sea trial slot at the Hingham In-Water Boat Show. 781-749-9989 or



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Professional Yacht Brokerage

Posted by Leisa Legge on Mon, Mar 12, 2018 @ 13:03 PM

Want to learn more about how a Professional Yacht Brokerage Can Help you buy a boat or sell your boat? Let us tell you!

SmithYachtSales_NewEnglandBoating_8.875 x 10.875_Ad_FTP_r2.jpg

How can a professional yacht broker help you when buying a boat? Check out this great article as featured on 3/18.

Yacht Brokers work like real estate agents. They are agents whom people consult to find and purchase a boat, and whom people hire to list, represent, and sell boats for them. Traditionally, the seller pays the commissions that a yacht broker earns – not the buyer, yet brokers have a duty to both buyer and seller in every transaction.

Boat Dealers represent new boat lines. They often take “trade-ins” to facilitate the sale of a new boat. Dealers advertise their trade-ins, often at very good buys. Some dealers will refurbish the boat before putting it on the market. Some dealers offer a pre-owned boat warranty program, similar to the automotive industry, particularly in smaller craft.

The broker’s role for the buyer

  • Most pre-owned boats advertised on YachtWorld are either a “central agency listing” of a yacht broker, or a trade-in from a new boat dealer. If you are viewing a broker listing or a trade-in, the listing broker or dealer is likely to know the vessel inside and out. They have been selected by the owner/seller to exclusively represent this vessel (or the dealership may now own the vessel) and all inquiries must go through this yacht broker or boat dealer. If you are not already working with a yacht broker, and if you find a boat on YachtWorld of interest, you may contact the listing broker directly. However a more rewarding option might be to select a yacht broker of your own, and consult with that broker about all of your boats of interest, and let that broker represent you in your inquiries and transactions.
  • The Initial Inquiry – A professional broker will listen closely to your wants and needs and will help you determine if the boat you are calling on is the right boat for you at the best value. They can objectively tell you about the condition of the vessel before you decide whether or not to spend your time to look at the boat. They will help you determine if there are similar boats on (and off) the market, the history of the yacht, how long it has been on the market, and the motivation of the seller. Anyone can look up asking prices on boats, but it takes a professional broker to have an intimate knowledge of current market conditions, a familiarity of similar boats, and information on recent sale prices and time on the market through, an industry resource not available to the public.
  • Getting a Boat Loan and Marine Insurance – You may want to pre-qualify for a boat loan before you shop. That will give you some extra leverage and breathing room when you’re negotiating prices. YachtWorld offers a variety of specialist marine lenders.
  • Making an Offer on a Pre-Owned Boat – A professional broker can help you decide on a realistic offer that increases the chances of buying a pre-owned boat for a fair and reasonable price, and with the necessary elements to protect your interests. Your broker prepares an Offer to Purchase for your signature. It should spell out the terms of the sale including obligations that you and the seller have agreed to, and when these obligations will be fulfilled. You also make a good-faith deposit on the boat, which is usually placed in escrow and subject to sea trial and survey.
  • Making an Offer on a New Boat – Dealers taking trade-ins will inform you of tax issues and tax savings associated with the trade-in. Price negotiations may include making your new boat available to show to other dealership clients in the future. Depending on whether the vessel is custom built, semi-custom, or a production model, there is usually a basic cost, plus transportation expenses from the builder to the dealership, plus optional equipment and installation.
  • Paperwork – Professional brokers and dealers are familiar with all the paper work requirements for their each country, state or province, from the initial Offer to Purchase and Bill of Sale to licensing and registration; or documentation and titling, to paying tax and other fees, as well as certificates of ownership, security agreements, and other documents needed to complete a sale. For example, 23 forms are needed at a closing of a brokerage boat in Florida (27 for foreign-flagged vessels). Professionals will understand maritime and admiralty liens for the type of vessels they represent, as well as agency contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements and escrowed accounts to safeguard funds.
  • Sea Trial and Survey – The buyer of a pre-owned vessel will usually request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. Buyers pay for the surveys and for hauling the boat out of the water for inspection. Your yacht broker will usually attend the sea trial and marine survey with you, and help you determine how to properly address the nearly inevitable yacht survey issues and put the problems in context. They can help estimate time and cost of correcting, and where to obtain accurate quotes for items that are unfamiliar. Your lender and insurance carrier will usually require a copy of the survey.
  • The Art of Negotiating The Deal – The broker can use his position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between buyer and seller moving to a successful conclusion.
  • Safeguard Funds – A professional broker will use an escrow account for clients’ funds, and ensure that at closing, any existing loan or other encumbrances is paid off. This safeguard is of critical importance to the buyer and seller, and can be a potentially serious hazard in a private transaction not involving a broker.
  • After the Sale – Your broker and dealer can help you find moorage and yacht maintenance and repair specialists or facilities. They can refer you to classes on sailing, boat handling, and seamanship, their experience in local waters can help you chart a course for great day, weekend or longer trips. They can connect you with boat clubs, races and rendezvous sponsored by builders and dealerships. Plus, you’ve got a new boating friend for life.

Conversly, Professional Yacht Brokers are just as useful when selling your boat. Learn more from this great article also presented on 3/18.

If you’re ready to sell your boat or yacht, a key decision you’ll need to make is whether to sell it yourself or through a yacht broker. Fundamentally, if you sell the boat yourself, you won’t need to pay a broker’s commission, but without assistance, it will often take you longer to sell the boat and you may have to settle for a lower price. Generally, sellers work with brokers more often when the boats are newer, larger, and/or more expensive, but there are many other reasons to list boats of all sizes and conditions with a broker.

Here at YachtWorld, listing with a broker is required for your boat to be shown for sale on our site, so we’d like to describe what the broker does to help you understand why using a broker is often the best way to sell your boat. We’ll also discuss how you can find the right broker to sell your boat.

Why use a yacht broker?

Selling a boat is similar to a real estate transaction—it’s usually too complex and involves too much value to risk doing it on your own. Yacht brokers work hard to facilitate the sale of their listings and to protect and promote the interest of their clients, just as a real estate agent will do when you sell your house.

Some countries (and US states like California and Florida) require licensing of their yacht sales professionals. Most brokers in the US and Canada prefer to sign a “Central Agency Listing” with the owner/seller, which is similar to a multiple listing in real estate transactions. Essentially, this means your broker will manage all of the communications and information flow about the listing between you, other brokers, and potential buyers.

Finding the right yacht broker is an essential part of the successful sale of your boat.

Along with the most obvious job of managing the communication and information flow, working with a broker provides a number of significant advantages. Brokers have a network of clients and may have a number of buyers in mind right from the start. They know the market well, especially in their specialized segment of it, and they have a solid understanding of how to properly price a boat or yacht.

Another advantage is that working with a broker gets you on the pages of YachtWorld. YachtWorld is the largest online photo and video database of new and used power and sailboats for sale, with well over 100,000 listings. And YachtWorld advertising services are only available to eligible yacht brokerage firms and dealerships who represent multiple boats for sale on behalf of owners/sellers. We do not offer our services directly to individual owners/sellers.

What will it cost to use a yacht broker?

Yacht brokers charge a commission when the vessel is sold, and the commission amount will be set in writing when the seller signs a listing agreement with the broker. If another broker brings a buyer to the table through a co-brokerage arrangement, the total commission will normally be shared between the brokers; it should not raise the commission. Many brokers work co-operatively with one another on a co-brokerage basis.

How do you find the right broker?

Choosing the right broker is an important step in selling your boat. Brokers often specialize in boat types, sizes, and geographic regions, so it’s usually best to choose a broker who already represents boats similar to yours, and who operates his or her business close to where your boat is located. Here are some ways to make sure you find the right broker to sell your boat:

  • Interview several by phone, email, and in person
  • View the presentation of their other listings on YachtWorld, and ask yourself: do those listings look like something I would be proud to show to potential buyers?
  • Send the broker an email. Do they respond quickly?
  • Call the brokerage. Is your call answered promptly?

What will a broker do for the seller?

Yacht brokers can make a sale go more smoothly right from the very beginning of the process. Here are some of the ways a broker will help you sell your boat:

  • Determine a fair asking price – To ensure a timely sale, it is essential to ask a fair price. A broker can help establish fair-market value for the boat through access to actual sold boat data in, as reported by YachtWorld brokerage firms. is not available to the public.
  • Prepare an advertising strategy – The broker will outline a plan of how a boat is to be advertised in the most appropriate media. For example, the best means to promote a 27′ Catalina is vastly different than the strategy for a 63′ Sunseeker. The broker’s objective is to devise a strategy that has the best chance of reaching the most interested and qualified audience for your boat.
  • Prepare the listing for the public – The broker will prepare the listing for distribution in various electronic and print media, for print and email distribution to clients and other brokers, and for distribution to prospects at boat shows, open houses, and walk-in inquiries. Sellers who have listed their boat for sale with a YachtWorld broker will see their listing advertised on YachtWorld, on the website of the YachtWorld broker, and in other partner sites selected by the broker.
  • Prepare the listing for the broker-to-broker Multiple Listing Service – When you list your boat with a YachtWorld broker, your broker may also prepare the listing for co-brokerage using the private BoatWizard MLS. YachtWorld has over 2000 member brokerage firms, with 3000 offices and 5,000 individual yacht brokers and salespeople, all of who have password access to this MLS system.
  • E-broker – YachtWorld members have multiple tools and services to help them promote your boat listing to buyers and other brokers.
  • Follow YachtWorld Member Policies – YachtWorld member brokers are bound by our member policies. For example, members agree to only advertise boats for which they have a current signed listing agreement from the owner of the boat. While listing agreements vary, they should contain the same elements you would expect to find in any legal agreement. Our members agree not to accept an advertising fee to promote their listings on YachtWorld. Members agree to only identify a boat as a “Central or Exclusive Listing” if it complies with the YachtWorld definition of a central or exclusive listing. All advertised boats must be accurately represented and identified.
  • Prepare the boat – The broker will advise you of any improvements that should be made to make your boat competitive in today’s market, identify possible problems and solutions, and help organize upgrades and repairs. The broker may help locate easy-access moorings or storage for the duration of the listing.
  • Provide professional know-how – Professional brokers will understand the principals of the brokerage profession—things like certificates of ownership, security agreements, bills of sale, and other documents needed to register and transfer titles to boats. They will understand maritime and admiralty liens for the type of vessels they represent, as well as mortgaging and transferring title to documented vessels. They will understand agency contracts, listing agreements, closing statements, deposit requirements, and escrowed accounts to safeguard funds.
  • Assist with the sea trial and survey – The buyer will usually request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. Buyers pay for the surveys and for hauling the boat out of the water for inspection. Your yacht broker will usually attend the sea trial and marine survey and help you determine how any discovered deficiencies should be addressed in the purchase negotiations.
  • Employ the art of negotiation – The broker can use his position as a middleman to keep the negotiating between buyer and seller moving toward a successful conclusion.





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Snow Flake Regatta-March 10, 2018 Attitash Mountain Resort, NH.

Posted by Leisa Legge on Mon, Mar 12, 2018 @ 13:03 PM

Snow Flake Regatta Smith Yacht Sales is proud to be a bib sponsor for the upcoming Snow Flake Regatta on March 10, 2018 at Attitash Mountain Resort! What do boaters do in the winter? SKI- and we are proud to help bring these two groups together! The Snow Flake Regatta has been put together by a group of North Shore Boaters who are looking to keep their summer group going. Organized around a Giant Slalom event, this fun day is a great opportunity to spend the day with the family! Lot's of fun for the kids- organized events for them too! To learn more about the Snow Flake Regatta

snowflake regatta.jpeg

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Join Us for the New England Boat Show!

Posted by Leisa Legge on Thu, Jan 25, 2018 @ 06:01 AM

The New England Boat Show is right around the corner! Are you thinking of Downsizing? Getting out of Boating? Let's get your boat ready to list! Why now? Progressive_NE_4c.jpg

  • It gives you time to prepare your vessel so you can achieve the best possible list price and SALE price.
  • Listing now allows our brokers time to prepare a comprehensive, professional listing before the busy season begins. 
  • Listing now ensures we are ready to proudly display your boat at our new brokerage booth display (shown below).

  • Serious buyers know that serious sellers list early in preparation for the next boating season! Make sure your boat is available for their consideration!

Whether you are downsizing, getting out of boating or looking for you next yacht, our experienced group of yacht brokers will help you sell your boat as quickly and professionally as possible! We will:

  • Create a professional MLS listing which best represents your vessel.
  • Determine a realistic list price based on market research and current market data.
  • Utilize our industry contacts to reach the largest network of potential buyers and find you your next yacht!
  • Participate in area trade-shows, advertise in appropriate industry publications and use social media to increase your market exposure.

What makes us different?

  • Monthly, written, follow-up reporting on all inquiries and leads on your vessel.
  • Our unique company trade-in program allows us to facilitate deals where potential buyers need to sell their boat first. We can also offer you a straight number if you are just looking to get out of your boat quickly.



Learn more about our Systematic Selling Approach

Learn more about our unique Trade-In Program


Call today for your complimentary consultation!

Smith Yacht Sales-Dedicated yacht brokers committed to providing you with excellent service!

Posted by Leisa Legge on Mon, Jan 15, 2018 @ 21:01 PM


Getting out of Boating? Downsizing? Ready for you next yacht? Smith Yacht Specializes in new and used boats for sale. Learn more about our yacht brokerage services and how our professional team of yacht brokers can help you!

As Sellers Agents our listing services are designed to save you time and money! Our systematic selling approach includes:

  • A realistic market valuation utilizing SOLD boat data
  • Creation of a professional MLS listing
  • Development of a comprehensive, marketing/ad plan tailored to your vessel
  • Monthly follow up reports
  • A Buyer "Trade-In" Program- A unique offering to help faciliate the sale of your vessel.

As free Buyer's Agents, our complimentary service includes:

  • Narrowing down the search and facilitating your selection process utilizing our expansive industry network and knowledge
  • Previewing yachts on your behalf to save you time and money
  • Representing you and your interest during the search, selection and negotiation process
  • Utilization of our dedicated in-house closing assistant to make sure your closing paperwork is executed with accuracy in a timely, efficient manner
  • Assisting you with post sale yacht sale services such as yacht transportation, yacht storage and yacht maintenance

Give us a call today for a complimenary consultation to learn more about our yacht brokerage services.


or inquire below...



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Introducing Albury Brothers Boats!

Posted by Leisa Legge on Mon, Jan 1, 2018 @ 15:01 PM

Smith Yacht Sales is proud to announce that we are a Dealer for Albury Brothers Center Console Boats.

Albury 33'.png

Albury Brothers Boats are known for their tradition of building semi-custom, round bilge boats which result in an all-around ride with excellent handling and stability. Robustly built, with plenty of fishing amenities, the unique hull design allows for cushioned wave landings, sharp corners when turning, excellent tracking and crisp handling. Albury Brothers Boats are committed to quality craftmanship and it shows! Call us today to learn more!

With four great models to choose from, we are sure to find the perfect center console for your needs!

The 33' Albury Brothers Center Conosle is known to be soft, predictable and seaworthy with many great features such as cavernous storage and a walk around live well to name a few!  View specs, pricing and options.

The 27' Albury Brothers Center Console features huge interior volume, a pleasing transom shape and is famous for staying on plane in tough chop. View specs, pricing and options.

Albury Brothers Boats Flagship Center Console is the 23' Center Console. The 23' has been dubbed the "Swiss Army Knife of boats"- balanced and stable, seaworthy and smooth,  trailer-able and affordable. View our 23' Center Console Stock Boat Proforma. Or, build your own 23' Albury Center Console. View specs, pricing and options.

Lastly, the 20' Albury Brothers Center Console is a great choice if you are looking for a small center console with sea-worthiness of the larger boats. It cuts through chop with ease and has a great simple, uncluttered deck layout. It's also a great choice for kids or the single operator handling!  View specs, pricing and options

Thinking of heading to the New England Boat Show in Boston-February 10-18, 2018? We will be there, proudly representing and showcasing Albury Brothers Boats!







Southport Boats introduces the new 33' Dual Console

Posted by Leisa Legge on Mon, Oct 30, 2017 @ 11:10 AM

Southport Boats, a leader in offshore center console boats with a reputation for a smooth, responsive, and dry ride, has officially introduced the new 33 Dual Console (DC) model. The 33-foot Dual Console model expands beyond the current 33 FE and 33 LX models to deliver full forward seating, enclosed helm area, stay-aboard accommodations and cruising capabilities. The 33 DC is built on a Ray Hunt Design hull which combines offshore racing technology with cutting edge composite manufacturing to deliver a ride with incomparable stability.

33' DC Line Drawing.png

“We have been approached by numerous customers who are looking for even more onboard comfort without sacrificing the ride, performance, and fishability of the Southport experience,” said Jonathan Kirby, Director of Sales and Marketing for Southport Boats. “We also listened to our passionate dealers and made a commitment that this new boat would retain the heritage and fishability of our center console models.”

Comfort features on the new Southport 33 DC include twin 6-foot berths, a full size integrated hard top with power-retractable sunroof, and a raised port side co-pilot lounge with forward and aft facing lounge seats. The integrated live well, fish boxes, storage and optimized cockpit layout appeal to the serious angler.

The Southport 33 DC is available for pre-order through the Southport Dealer Network beginning in October 2017 with priority deliveries scheduled for April 2018.

Southport 33 DC Accomodation Plan

Southport 33 DC Accomodation Plan

Southport Boats

About Southport Boats
Southport Boats, located in Augusta, Maine builds robust, quality engineered offshore center console boats on three platforms (27′, 29′ and 33′), and has developed a reputation as one of the premier boats in their class. The semi-production builder employs experienced and dedicated craftsmen and technicians who build high quality products in a newly acquired 70,000-square foot production facility. Southport Boats, while a production builder, caters to the demanding needs of their customers and dealers and always welcomes the challenge of custom requests as a way to further improve an already exceptional boat.

Questions about the new Southport 33' Dual Console? Give Smith Yacht Sales a call today! 781-749-9989.

or email:

 Download 33' Dual Console Brochure



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Take Advantage of these 3 Great Southport Buy Now Offers!

Posted by Leisa Legge on Wed, Oct 25, 2017 @ 18:10 PM


Southport Dealer of the Year Photo

Celebrating our Success as Southport Boats Dealer of the Year!


Southport Boats-High Performance Sportfishing like no other! Unparalleled quality and style!

Whether you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vessel, one of the 27′, 29′ or 33′ models is sure to fit your needs.

Call us today at 781-749-9989 to learn more about Southport Boats and these limited time promotions.

Offering 3 Great Buy NOW Offers!

Build New
Order your custom built Southport Boat on or before 11/15/17 and receive:

  1. Courtesy Discount
  2. Up to $10,000 in Factory Incentives
  3. Yamaha promotional extended 6 year factory warranty
  4. Early Spring 2018 Delivery

Purchase In-Stock
272FE or 33LX on or before 11/15/17 and receive:

  1. Courtesy Discount
  2. Yamaha promotional extended 6 year factory warranty
  3. Free 2017-18 Winter storage

View 272 FE Listing

View 33 LX Listing


Buy Pre-Owned
Purchase our pre-owned 29CC and receive:

  1. Courtesy Discount
  2. Boat delivery in Spring 2018: Commissioned, detailed, bottom painted and ready to go
  3. Free 2017-18 Winter storage
    View 29CC Listing & Photos

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Join us at the Newport International Boat Show:- September 14-17, 2017

Posted by Leisa Legge on Wed, Jul 26, 2017 @ 10:07 AM

Getting out of boating? Downsizing? Ready for a new yacht?

Our seasoned group of yacht brokers is ready to work with you at our next big boat show- The Newport Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island. If you are thinking of listing your boat, our boat brokers will work with you before the show to prepare your listing.NIBS_17_Logo_Date.png

Step 1: Determine a realistic list price based on up- to- date "sold boat" industry data.

Step 2: Create a professional MLS listing for Yacht World, best representing your vessel. Our brokers will share their insights on how to best prepare your vessel for sale. Does it need a few repairs? A good cleaning or freshening up? It is best shown in its current location? Our specialists will be able to determine what is best for you and your vessel.

Step 3: Our brokers will utilize industry contacts to reach the largest network of potiential buyers. This includes preparing your listing for our brokerage board at the Newport Boat Show, New England's biggest boat show.


 1. Our brokers will produce a monthly  follow-up report which gives you information and feedback on all inquiries and showings on your boat.

2. Smith Yacht Sales offers a unique trade-in program which allows us to facilitate the sale of your vessel by valuing and potentially purchasing a buyer's trade so they can get into their new vessel fast!

Looking for a new yacht? Smith Yacht Sales is proud to be a dealer for new Southport Boats (27, 29, & 33' High Performance Sport Fisherman Center Consoles) &  Patten Yachts (Maine Built 22' PIcnic and Fisherman Models).

What are you waiting for? We would love to work with you, and the Newport Boat Show is the perfect time and place! Give us a call today: 781-749-9989 or

For hours, directions and more information visit:






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Great Bay Marine Potluck Dinner-Kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend!

Posted by Leisa Legge on Mon, May 15, 2017 @ 15:05 PM

Looking for a fun event on the water Memorial Day Weekend? Join Smith Yacht Sales Broker Scott Spencer for a Potluck Memorial Day Weekend Kick-off Dinner at Great Bay Marine!  Just bring along your own pot luck dinner to contributPotluck-Dinner.pnge and enjoy the view! Come see all the amenities that Great Bay has to offer! Saturday, May 27th from 5:00 PM-8:00PM. Are you thinking about buying a new boat or selling? Come meet your new onsite broker to lean more about Smith Yacht Sales yacht brokerage in the New Hampshire and Maine Coastal Regions. Scott is an experienced yacht broker and he will be on hand to answer all of your questions! Looking for a used boat? Moving up? Downsizing? Getting out of boating? Let Scott guide you through the process! Smith Yacht Sales also has a great yacht trade in program designed to get you into your new boat fast! Give Scott a call today! 603-361-6224 or email


Saturday, May 27th

Time: 5pm-8pm


Great Bay Marine

61 Beane Lane

Newington, NH 03801