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Albury Brothers New Boat Models

Albury Brothers Boats are known for their tradition of building semi-custom, round bilge boats which result in an all-around ride with excellent handling and stability. Robustly built, with plenty of fishing amenities, the unique hull design allows for cushioned wave landings, sharp corners when turning, excellent tracking and crisp handling. Albury Brothers Boats is committed to quality craftsmanship and it shows! Call us today to learn more!

With four great models to choose from, we are sure to find the perfect center console for your needs!

The 33′ Albury Brothers Center Console is known to be soft, predictable and seaworthy with many great features such as cavernous storage and a walk around live well to name a few!

The 27′ Albury Brothers Center Console features huge interior volume, a pleasing transom shape and is famous for staying on plane in rough chop.

Albury Brothers Boats Flagship Center Console is the 23′ Center Console. The 23′ has been dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife of boats”- balanced and stable, seaworthy and smooth,  trailer-able and affordable. View our 23′ Center Console Stock Boat Proforma. Or, build your own 23′ Albury Center Console.

Lastly, the 20′ Albury Brothers Center Console is a great choice if you are looking for a small center console with the sea-worthiness of the larger boats. It cuts through chop with ease and has a great simple, uncluttered deck layout. It’s also a great choice for kids or the single operator handling!