Charlie, 26′ Southort Center Console, 2006-Hingham, MA

26' Southort Center Console

I have been admiring Southports in the Hingham Shipyard since we moved to the area 3 years ago. More importantly, my wife, who is not quite the boating enthusiast I am, had always said “well, if you ever do get a really nice boat, that’s the one you should buy”. And that was based on looks alone. When we researched Southports online and couldn’t find one comment that wasn’t absolutely glowing about the ride and quality of fit and finish, we both knew Southport was our perfect boat. I decided this Spring it was time to “go for it” and enlisted the help of Dana Brandt at Smith Yacht Sales. Little did I know just what a hot commodity slightly used Southports were, but Dana became a great partner and friend in the process of acquiring our 26. Over the course of doing so, Dana joined me in traveling to NJ for the sea trial, working out the shipping details and connecting me with local experts for maintenance. It’s been over a month and we still find reasons to stay in touch. We are thrilled with our new Southport Center Console (planning to name her “Mellow”) and even my wife asks me when we are going out next!